There is a bit of confusion at the moment about how pubs operate in the ‘new environment’. So this is to let you know what we are doing.


Our Approach - We are trying to make a ‘Pub-Going Experience’ as ‘normal’ as possible – whilst, of course, making sure it is a safe environment for everyone.  


None of us have lived through the end of the world before, so please bear with us. The restrictions below are now the law, and can be enforced by some big fines. No-one wants that to happen. We can all think of far better things for you to do with your money ….


Now We Are Six – The Maximum size of any group is 6 people.


Closed at 10pm - We might not be able to have you with us for as long as we would like, so we'll just have to make your time with us even better. We are now required to close the pub at 10pm. We know this may be a bit frustrating, but please bear with us and our team.


Table Service Only – No need to download an App, our team will be over to take your food and drink orders with a pen, piece of paper and a smile. 


Test & Trace – You are legally required to provide Contact Details. This can be done by scanning the QR Code by the entrance onto your phone or filling in the Contact Sheet with a simple pen. No Details = No Service.


Payment – We love customers even more when they pay. We will happily take cash, but do prefer payment by card, preferably contactless.


Social Distancing – We are limited by our physical size and shape. Please be patient and let others go first at the pinch-points and respect Social Distancing.


Face-Coverings – Please remember that you are now required by law to wear a Face-Covering when moving around the pub.


Our staff are required to wear them – but they really are smiling underneath.


Sanitiser – its everywhere. Please use it!


(We are actually required by law to remind you to wash your hands after going to the loo – but we don’t think you need to be reminded of that, so we won’t mention it).


In addition to the above requests – PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELVES! 


If you have any queries – please let us know.




PS – Are you all over 18? We do need to check that you are all over 18. This is not a Covid-Thing, but rather this applies all year long. It’s not that we don’t like kiddies, it’s just that we have a term in our Licence which means we need to be a Munchkin-Free Zone at all times. We really hope this won’t be a problem.