We're Back!

Oh it has been such a long time since Co-Vid turned up rather rudely. We missed you all so much.

We have working flat-out to have our pub ready.


It is fully compliant with all Government guidance so that we can look after our lovely customers and staff alike. We have taken the approach of making a visit to the pub as welcoming and friendly as possible - but fully respecting safety. We have found our customers to be very receptive to this approach.


On arrival you should be welcomed by a smiling friendly face - rather than an over-bearing heavyweight barking orders. But the air of informality we are cultivating does not mean we are not complying with the requirements.


Here is a summary of some of the changes:


We have reconfigured the pub, a little, to make sure we can follow the 1-metre + rules. This will mean a few changes and it will have an impact upon our capacity - so please bear with us. 


Bookings in advance are NOT a requirement, but we do recommend them. 


There will be hand-sanitisers all over the palce, please use these liberally - especially when you enter.


The layout of the pub makes it very difficult to have one-way routes, so please be kind and make way for people as they pass by. You never know, a friendly smile could start a whole new experience.


A few tables have been taken out of use to ensure Social Distancing, and some tables have been deliberately placed to keep certain areas and 'pinch-points' as free movong as possible. Please don't move these without asking our staff first.


Technically we are required to remind everyone to wash their hands after going to the loo - but we think you are all sensible enough to know that already, so we won't even mention it.


For the first few weeks we will be running a limited Menu during the week. Our Award-Winning SUNDAY ROASTS are back in town.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE book your Sunday Roasts in advance. This will make it easier for everyone and will mean we will be able to make your visit even nicer.


As we get ready, please give us a call, (01273 622386) or book via email (CamelfordArms@Hotmail.com)  Facebook or Instagram.


There will be a slightly reduced choice of Sunday Roasts from the re-opening, but there will be Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Vegetarian Wellington and Vegan Nut-Roast. 


We really look forward to seeing you all again.


The Camelford Crew x