The most dog-friendly pub in Brighton

No pub can be truly be worthy of the name without our furry friends. They are what makes a pub a pub.


We are the most dog-friendly pub in Brighton. With dog bowls and biccies - and even Snuffles Dog Beer too !


We are on a perfect dog walking circuit, within a stick's throw of Brighton Beach and Queens Park area of Kemptown. So why not make us the perfect spot to stop off and have a pint with us.


PLEASE remember - the biscuits are meant to be FOR THE DOGS! You wouldn't want them to scoff your Sunday Roast - so leave their biccies alone!.

Dogs are also terriffic workers who transform the lives of humans.


Which is why we are very proud to sponsoer the triaining of a Guide Dog, Teddy. 


Visit our Teddy Page to find out more about this wonderful charity.

Doggy Web-Sites

We are very proud to be listed on these Doggy-Friendly websites. These are a very helpful link to 'All Things Dog' and provide details of local hotels and Guest Houses which will welcome your little friend as much as we will.



            The Good Dog Guide

Bark in the Park Dog Show


We are extremely proud to be supporters of the Friends of Queens Park annual Bark in the Park Dog Show in Queens Park, Kemptown. 2016 was our fifth successive happy year of being associated with this lovely day.  


There was no show in 2017, but we are all hoping it will ba back for 2018.